Tips for Choosing a Good Video Converter

If you have a hobby of video collection you may be interested in purchasing a good video conversion tool. However, you must be very careful in identifying the right tool for your requirement. First of all those who don’t know what exactly this kind of software can do, it is important to understand what can be achieved with the help of this software.


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Video conversion software allows you to convert video from one format to the other. A good converter should also be able to convert a video file to audio format and audio files from one format to the other.

While purchasing the software you must ensure that the software is capable of producing good quality results. There is no point in using software that cannot produce good results even if it is available for free. Following are some of the tips that would help you select the right software for your requirement:

Input Files

The best video converter should have the ability to convert a wide variety of input files and allow for maximum compatibility. The powerfulness of a converter’s total performance is usually dependent on the number and breadth of input files.

Output Files

A few video formats are enough for most users, but the best video converter will offer a wide range of users a broad selection of output formats.


The best video converter should be able to adjust multiple advanced options like video size, codecs, bit rates and frame rates and so on. Most of them are reserved for advanced users, but they should be readily available and easy to find.

Ease of Use

A good program should have a user-friendly and straight-forward interface that can guide users through the process easily. And the best video converter will include a large number of choices of previously installed codecs, or a place to download necessary ones for free.

Fast Speed

While some comprehensive converter programs have powerful function but with very slow speed, the best one should be fast enough.

Help and Support

Good converter software’s manufactures should also include a detailed in-program guide, a FAQ online and an email contact.

If you have many videos in your collection, it can be a real painful task to manage all of them. Some video conversion software also allows video management which can help you manage all your clips in a system.

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